Qualified German Optical Dispenser seeks job & sponsorship

Are you an optometrist needing staff for your practice or store?
We have an extraordinary candidate with excellent qualifications and extensive experience.
Her name is Petra, she is 29 years old and currently full-time employed as a Master Optician and Branch Manager in Germany.
Petra has superior customer service as well as technical dispensing skills.
She is willing to relocate to Australia immediately subject to the opportunity of being sponsored under an employer nominated visa.
The Northern Immigration Australia (NIA) team will be taking care of all migration matters.
Petra is available for an interview via Skype or Telephone.
Check out her LinkedIn profile here
Please contact us for Petra’s CV and more details.
Petra Quenzer, 29, German qualified Master Optician

Petra Quenzer, 29, German qualified Master Optician

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  1. Zohaib Asghar on December 16, 2022 at 5:16 pm

    I want dispenser visa

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