Recruitment (Businesses)

Work Visas and Sponsorship's

Northern Immigration Australia can offer you both, recruitment and migration solutions to assist you with your skills shortage by providing you with an assessment of your company needs.

Our Recruitment Service

At Northern Immigration Australia we are specialised in skilled migration and employer sponsorship. Matching the right people with relevant jobs is our passion and we know what it takes to recruit a qualified and suitable candidate from overseas. We have an active talent pool of highly skilled and experienced candidates available. Additionally, we offer ad writing, advertising on job sites, online database searching and applicant assessment upon request.

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At Northern Immigration Australia we source and assess potential staff suitable to your business. When recruiting, we know you are looking for the right person to join your business, and so we utilise our unique methodology to ensure we find the candidate who is the best fit for the position, the team and the organisational culture.

We provides you with comprehensive advice on business processes required by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) which includes record keeping activities, work rights on visa applications, support services for sponsored employees and advice when terminating a sponsored employee.

Benefits in Northern Australia

In particular, Northern Australia suffers from a shortage of skilled workers. This is why the Australian Government provides significant benefits and concessions for approved local businesses when seeking suitable employees from overseas.

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Our service for your recruitment needs include:

  • Assessment of your business needs
  • Job ad writing
  • Advertising on job sites
  • Online database searching
  • Sourcing of suitable and competent workers
  • Assessment and pre-selection of suitable candidates
  • Advice on business requirements according to DIBP standards
  • Application for Standard Business Sponsorship
  • Conducting migration process for employees and their family members
  • Labour market testing.

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