About Our Preliminary Evaluations

If you're thinking about booking a full consultation:

We can help you figure out if it's worth your while to go ahead with a detailed assessment by looking at your general prospects for migration based on factors such as your work experience and/or qualifications to see weather migration is a viable option for you.

The Preliminary evaluation includes:

A basic overview of your information.

Our Registered Migration AgentsĀ will contact you to let you know whether they think it's worth your while to take the next step in defining a strategy for your migration.

Financial Details

In most cases, finances are irrelevant to the question of whether you qualify to migrate to Australia and it is usually based on your skills or family ties, however, we request this information to ensure that we are able to assess you against all possible options, including business or investment categories.

If you were to calculate all of your nett assets and investments, what would the total value be? This can include property, cash, other investments or other assets that could eventually be sold/liquidated and transferred.
Please note: This information will be kept confidential.

Other Information

If there is any other information you would like to provide as part of your evaluation, please enter this in the space below.