Why Northern Australia?



Australia is a beautiful and exciting country with lots of opportunities for migrants.

At Northern Immigration Australia we help you migrate to anywhere in Australia. We understand that you may already have family and friends in a specific place in Australia. It makes the settling process easier if you already have familiar faces in the new environment.

However, there are lots of advantages to migrate to Northern Australia:

  • Multicultural environment; people in Northern Australia celebrate multiculturalism and there are lots of communities and clubs to connect with people of similar backgrounds
  • Shortage of skilled workers: there are plenty of job opportunities for non-Australians in Northern Australia
  • The Northern Territory has a Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA). This means there are more jobs accepted to be sponsored than in any other state. Read our director Manuela Seiberth's interviews about regional migration and the DAMA with ABC News here and here, and SBS Radio here, and watch the ABC News story here.
  • Great work-life balance: in Northern Australia we “work to live”, and not live to work.
  • Unique lifestyle and beautiful landscapes: swim in waterfalls, witness the most stunning sunsets on a daily basis, go fishing, 4 wheel driving, boating, Asian inspired markets on the beach and much more
  • Great weather: Experience the endless summer! It never gets cold in Northern Australia. Instead there are two seasons: dry season and wet season.
  • Unique events: jumping crocodiles, turtle hatching, ride camels on the beach (Cable beach in Broome), Camel Cup in Alice Springs, Territory Day (purchase your own fireworks and let them off on the beach), markets every weekend with local produce and Asian cuisine
  • Darwin has an international airport with a variety of destinations. In particular, Darwin is the gateway to Asia; e.g. Bali or Manila are only a two hours flight away; it also very close to destinations like Singapore or KL to get connecting flights to Europe or anywhere else in the world.

It's more fun in Northern Australia

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